We ask people interested and participating in our mission to provide feedback on their experiences, both positive and negative. We aspire to provide a support group that affirms people in knowing that One Act of Peace a Day is a positive, normal and worthy endeavor.

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I was in the North of Nigeria for work. I went to the supermarket called Grandsquare to buy some food. A bunch of people were entering at once and I noticed there was a young man trying to come out of the supermarket but because of the influx of people he had to yield and wait while people rushed by him with no one paying any attention to him. When I got closer to the door and was about to enter, I stepped aside, gave him eye contact, smiled, and gestured that he should go ahead. I saw the biggest smile I have EVER seen. This particular scenario made my week!! Now that is One Act of Peace!

-Shola from Abuja, Nigeria

January 15, 2014