If you are a company, religious institutioncommunity club, or an NGO that believes in our mission you can become a Peace Team Member by spreading our vision in your workplace and by doing some of the points below.

 Ways to Participate

  • Inform your employees and stakeholders about the movement. Invite them to participate by committing to An Act of Peace a Day.
  • Hold fun monthly competitions and reward the department or team that performs the most acts of peace in by the end of a given month.
  • Create an official Act of Peace a Day week for your organization or institution. Encourage employees to practice an Act of Peace everyday during that week towards someone else within the organization.
  • If your business has a newsletter start an “Act of Peace” column in which employees can share some of their own experiences of practicing an Act of Peace or being on the receiving end of an Act of Peace.
  • And lots more, come up with ideas and send to us!