One Act of Peace a Day Campaign extends to educational communities. Peace team members visit local schools to share the vision behind the movement. We want to encourage children and youth to start building the foundation of their lives on the right habits and values. Empowering one another to practice acts of peace can be a powerful way for young people to learn that their actions can make a positive difference on a daily basis. There are endless fun and creative ways that young people can join the movement and participate in this initiative. We are ALWAYS looking for more Peace Team members.

Ways to Participate

We have created taglines for each of the following categories:

Teens and children: Socially active, “My Hands Count”

As teens and children, we know that what we do with our hands matter. We can help to build lives, further dreams, and create a brighter future.

Young Adults: “One Step Ahead”

As young adults we are thinking about the future. We are thinking one step ahead of everyone else- therefore we are acting NOW to make a difference.

Adults: Be the Moment

As adults we have to make many important choices on a daily basis. Just one of those choices can be to choose One Act of Peace a Day, Instead of looking for moments of peace in our lives WE can BE the moment that makes the difference.

List of Peace Team Member Educational Institutions