One Act of Peace a Day was started in Abuja, Nigeria to promote peace in Nigeria. The campaign’s purpose is simple: to encourage Nigerians to commit to performing one act of peace a day.

We live in a period of political and economic uncertainty. This and a variety of other reasons heighten fear in people. The common man or woman feels abandoned by society and the government. We believe a daily habit of One Act of Peace will help change the world we live in.

Within this campaign we ask people to commit to performing one deliberate act of peace a day. One act of peace can include: giving someone a smile, yielding for someone, opening the door for someone, etc.


We regularly participate in community service activities including: our signature traffic warden refreshment and appreciation outreach, adopt a highway, visiting and cleaning up homes of the elderly and other activities. For more information, visit our facebook page

Cedar Mentorship Program

One Act of Peace started the Cedar Mentorship Program which acts to instill academic excellence, professional direction and foundational values in the mentees in our program. For more information on the program, see the How to Participate Page or visit the Cedar Mentorship facebook page,

If you would like to apply as a mentor or mentee, send an email to