Striving to give back to the community…

One Act of Peace a day was started in Abuja, Nigeria to promote peace in Nigeria. The campaign’s purpose is simple: to encourage Nigerians to commit to performing an act of peace a day.

We live in a period of political, economical and social uncertainty. This and a variety of other reasons increasingly build fear in our communities, families, and individual lives. The average man and woman feel abandoned by society and the government.

As the founders of One Act of Peace, we believe that an act of peace a day will start a chain reaction of positive transformation in our country. We can transform how we address ourselves and how we treat each other.

We believe that just a daily habit of One Act of Peace will help change the world we live in.

Within this campaign, we ask people to commit to performing one deliberate act of peace a day. One Act of peace can include; smiling at someone, yielding for others, opening the door and lots more…

We are a community dedicated to improving our daily gestures to one another and inspiring the world to be better.

One Act of Peace A Day…


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